Privacy Terms


1.1.The principles of data processing apply to Users of Hansa Grupp OÜ website. Data controller and processor

1.2. The data controller is Hansa Grupp OÜ, registry code 10923131, location Mustamäe tee 54, Tallinn 10621

1.3. Data is voluntarily transmitted data.

1.4. Optional data is the email address for submitting job offers.

1.4.1. The Customer has given his or her specific consent to the transfer of data for the use of his / her contact information for direct marketing purposes, ie he / she will receive marketing communications using the contact information provided by him / her.

1.5. Hansa Grupp OÜ may provide data to authorized processors. Authorized processors are co-operation partners whose data is forwarded to a request that is sent to email: 1.6. Data is used by Hansa Grupp OÜ or an authorized processor:

1.6.1. to comply with obligations arising from legislation (eg transfer of data to an investigative body).

1.7.The authorized processor may process the data only for the specific tasks assigned by Hansa Grupp OÜ. Time of data retention

1.8.Hansa Grupp OÜ maintains the data for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose of using the data or until the expiry of the statutory limitation period and until the retention period of the statutory document (7 years according to the VAT Act and the Accounting Act). Customer’s rights to use the data

1.9. The Customer has the right to receive information from Hansa Grupp OÜ regarding the use of his / her own data in accordance with the procedure and to the extent provided by law;

1.10. The Customer has the right to demand that Hansa Grupp OÜ terminate the use of its own data and rectify, close and delete the data;

1.11. Customer has the right to accept or deny the use of his / her data for direct marketing or marketing purposes;

1.12. The Client has the right to apply to the Data Protection Inspectorate and the court for the protection of his or her rights.

2. PRINCIPLES FOR USE OF COOKIES Use of cookies 2.1. Hansa Grupp OÜ uses cookies or cookies to better serve users.

2.2. Domains belonging to Hansa Grupp OÜ may include, among other things, elements that store cookies on behalf of third parties. Refusing cookies

2.3. The user has the right to refuse to store cookies on the computer. If requested, the Customer must change the settings of their web browser.

2.4. Different types of browsers use different methods to disable cookies. For more information, see the website

2.5. When blocking cookies, the User must take into account that all features of the website may no longer be available to the User after blocking the cookies. What cookie or cookie?

2.6. A cookie is a text file that is sent and stored on the user’s computer by the websites that the user visits. The cookie is saved in the user’s web browser file directory. If the User has previously visited the site, the web browser reads the cookie and transmits the relevant information to the webpage or item that was first recorded by the cookie. More information about cookies is available at

2.7. Cookies allow you to track the usage statistics of a website, the popularity of headings, and other activities on the website. The information from the cookie is used to improve the convenience and content of the website. Types of cookies used on the website

2.8. Permanent cookies are essential for moving around the website and using its features. In the absence of persistent cookies, the user would not be able to use all the features of the website.

2.9. Session Cookies allow the website to remember past user-made choices (such as username, language, etc.) and thus provide more efficient and personalized features.

2.10. Tracking cookies collect data on User behavior on the website. The information from the tracking cookie allows you to increase the ease of use of the web page.