Collection Cars is a joint effort between good friends, fueled by a passion for classic cars. We are selective and dedicated when it comes to used vehicles. The collection emerges based on experience, a deep interest in technology and continuous work. Our cars receive excellent care and are always ready to roll into the spotlight or take fans on an unforgettable ride.

There is a difference between an old vehicle and an old vehicle. A classic car is a piece of history that has increasing value and offers a unique experience. For people who speak the same language, we would like to help with both advice and strength!


Cars in the collection




He who does not remember the past lives without a future (Juhan Liiv). This sentence also accompanies my activities in the field of used vehicles. I am curious by nature and I try to find an additional explanation in history for each new experience.

The car has long since become an everyday commodity. Some of them sink into oblivion and don’t tend to resurface from there. Still others were created so unique that they are given an artistic value when they are already finished, and the memory of something beautiful does not let the ravages of time erase the desire for a unique driving experience.

I have been devotedly involved with cars for over ten years. I have the relevant education and long-term experience in the field of mechanics, bodywork and market movements. I have spent much of my free time researching automotive history, restoring vehicles, and giving advice on vintage vehicles. Feeling that I can’t and don’t want to get tired of this job, I’m right here today, in the right place for me.


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