Hansabuss turnover in 2019 – 26.8 million euros
18. June 2020

The turnover of Hansabuss AS, the leading bus transport company in the Baltic States, in 2019 was 14.9 million euros. Of that, passenger transportation made up 13.5 million euros, transportation of goods 0.5 million euros and local government and state budget charters 11.8 million euros. By the end of the year, the concern employed 594 people and earned a profit of 1.27 million euros. In 2019, Hansabuss companies invested about 2.2 million euros in total.

The chairman of the board of Hansabuss Indrek Halliste says that although the concern had a successful financial year, it does not reflect the market today. “Certain factors should be considered when looking at the reports submitted to the Commercial Register this year,” said Indrek Halliste. “Our colleagues in various companies in Hansabuss have done an amazing job and our turnover in 2019 lived up to expectations. Last year was definitely characterised by a labour shortage and rather high fuel prices. But this year we’re facing entirely different challenges. Our sector is changing, and it’s those who are well capitalised, have a wide range of products and clients and are able to adapt as a team who are able to survive.”

According to Halliste, the number of charter service inquiries made in May and June was the first indication of things returning to normal. “Companies are recovering from the initial shock and are trying to get back into their normal routines, so we’re seeing growth in the workforce transport segment (transporting workers to and from the workplace),” he explained.

Primarily, Hansabuss AS organises charter transport in Estonia, Latvia and Northern Europe, manages domestic public and commercial lines and offers transportation for workers to and from the workplace.

The following companies belong to the Hansabuss AS group: parent company Hansabuss AS; its subsidiaries Hansa Bussiliinid AS (holding: 97.3%), Hansabuss Latvia SIA (holding: 100%), Samat AS (holding: 95.1%), AIPS SIA (holding: 100%), Viražas SIA (holding: 100%), Bauskas AO SIA (holding: 100%) and Tukuma Auto SIA (holding: 91.2%) and its subsidiaries Tutransauto SIA (holding: 100%) and Ludzas ATU SIA (holding: 100%).

Hansabuss belongs to Hansa Group, a concern operating in the Baltic states funded by Estonian capital that is engaged in charter transport, car rental and selling and servicing commercial cars. Hansa Group is made up of 16 enterprises all together.

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